For a bit of whimsy and childhood magic Gnomesville in the Ferguson Valley, just two hours from Perth, is a fun place for a day trip.

Our Ultimate Guide to Gnomesville

The gnomes at Gnomesville in Western Australia

In the beautiful Ferguson Valley on Wellington Mill Road, you can stumble across a most bizarre sight – a mass of garden gnomes of all shapes and sizes gathered in a bushland setting. Gnomesville is one of those places that you just have to see with your own eyes. An iconic Western Australian and Instagrammable tourist attraction, visitors come from all over the world to add to the gnome community. It’s very curious and a little quirky.

Where is Gnomesville?

Gnomes the Ferguson Valley in Western Australia

Around two hours drive south of Perth in the glorious green Ferguson Valley, Gnomesville is located on the Eastern Junction Roundabout of Wellington Mill Road and Ferguson Road in Wellington Mill, Western Australia. You can easily visit as a day trip from Perth, or make a weekend out of it and stay down in Bunbury to explore more of the southwest.

How did Gnomesville begin?

Bring your own gnome to add to the community at Gnomesville

No one really knows exactly how Gnomesville began. There is definitely mystery surrounding it – but isn’t that always the beginning of a good legend? Some believe that a random gnome appeared and other people brought their gnomes. They didn’t want the original one would not be lonely. Another story is that a local workman created a gnome cricket scene in the middle of the roundabout for fun. Locals say that someone knows who planted the original gnome, but no one is giving the secret up. Others suggest fairy magic was how they first appeared. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely worth a detour if you like things out of the ordinary.

What will I see at Gnomesville?

Bring your own gnome to add to the community at Gnomesville

As you approach the area, you will begin to see the gnomes – they are everywhere! Lining the paths, creek banks, and tree stumps is a massive and quirky community. It’s estimated that over 5,000 gnomes currently have a home here, but this number continues to grow every week.

It’s best not to rush around Gnomesville. Take your time to look around as every gnome tells a story. There are gnomes doing all sorts of things and even from all over the world. Read the personalised names and as you wander, you’ll be amazed at how far many of the gnomes have travelled. You can spot unique ones from New York, England, Ireland and Spain. There are playful, naughty and sentimental Gnomes climbing logs, hanging out in trees, playing cricket, even flying planes! Some have been contributed by families, with gnomes labelled with the names of family members.

Follow the path right to the end and don’t miss the gnomes that live on the other side of the creek underneath the beautiful trees. There is also a little picnic table near the creek that you can sit at to enjoy a cuppa and snack surrounded by these curious characters. Gnomesville is a fun place to explore with all the family!

BYO gnome to Gnomesville

Hundreds of gnomes at Gnomesville in Western Australia

If you want your gnome to be included in the Gnomesville community, it must have an identity. Only legally owned gnomes are welcome, but if you’ve got one lying around the garden and wondering what to do with it – this could become its home sweet gnome!

According to the Shire of Dardanup, your Gnome needs to have a sign that indicates where it is from, and any other relevant information. There is a place for every single gnome, and they encourage people to personalise them.

The happy gnomes at Gnomesville

You can even purchase a gnome from the Ferguson Valley Visitor Centre. Here you can select one to leave at Gnomesville or take home as a unique souvenir of your visit. Gnomish history and fact sheets are also available.

Don’t be tempted to take home a souvenir… Gnomish legend has it that bad luck will surely follow!

Things to know before you go

Lady gnomes in Gnomesville

  • There is no entry fee for Gnomesville.
  • There is a new toilet block next to the carpark.
  • Gnomesville has a couple of picnic tables so it would be a great place to sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Free parking is available – make sure to park safely and don’t block other vehicles.
  • If you BYO gnome, you can place it wherever you’d like. However, make sure not to move other gnomes to make space for yours.

Whatever you think of Gnomesville, it is safe to say you are not likely to see anything else quite like it on any other country road. For a bit of whimsy and childhood magic, it is certainly a fun place to visit on route to Margaret River.

Hundreds of gnomes at Gnomesville in Western Australia