Albany offers some of the best beaches in all of Australia. Read our guide to find the 7 most stunning spots that will blow you away!

7 Of The Best Beaches Around Albany

One of the most stunning beaches around Albany is Elephant Rocks

Western Australia is a mecca for beach lovers offering some of the best beaches in all of Australia. Along the picturesque south west coastline from Augusta to Esperance, you’ll discover hundreds of beaches that will blow you away.

But with so many incredible options, which one should you visit?

Renowned for long stretches of white sand, turquoise-blue waters and rocky granite outcrops, Albany’s coastline is one of southern WA’s most spectacular. We’ve put together a list of the absolute best beaches around Albany to bookmark for your next visit.

1. Greens Pool & Elephant Rocks

One of the best beaches near Albany is Greens Pool in William Bay National Park

People flock to Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks to enjoy the very unique geological features and the beauty of the William Bay National Park.⁠ With crystal clear water, magnificent granite boulders and white sand beaches all beckoning you, this is a perfect beach for all the family. Swim between the huge ancient rocks or snorkel and spy on fish and other critters including zebrafish and mosaic sea stars.

One of the best beaches around Albany is Greens Pool


  • There are toilets and a changing room in the Greens Pool car park. No showers are available or drinking water – so make sure to take your own.⁠
  • Elephant Rocks beach area is about a 10 minute walk from the main car park. On the path, you’ll pass by the top of one of the boulders. Stop here for a photo as the height perspective makes the turquoise and aqua colours of the water so vivid.⁠
  • ⁠To get to Elephant Rocks take the path and stairs down and then you’ll need to squeeze through a narrow opening between two massive boulders. Check the tides, as only in low tide can you get through here without getting wet.
  • Be aware this region gets a lot of wind, so the ocean can be rough. It’s also prone to surges that can sweep you out to sea – so never swim or snorkel alone. Be careful if climbing the rocks as they are steep and slippery. And never jump off unless you’re sure of the water depth. ⁠

2. Little Beach in Two Peoples Bay

One of the most famous and best beaches around Albany is Little Beach in Two Peoples Bay

With unspoilt coastal scenery and a postcard-perfect coastline, Two Peoples Bay is about a 30-minute drive from Albany and features the gorgeous Little Beach. Named Baie des Deux Nations (Bay of Two Nations or People) in 1803 after a chance meeting between French and American vessels, this southwest reserve is steeped in history and has remained largely untouched.⁠

It’s easy to see why Little Beach is so popular.⁠ Yes, it has squeaky white quartz sand, crystal clear blue water and no seaweed. But what makes this beach so iconic are the two huge boulders randomly located in the centre of the shoreline.

The glorious Little Beach in Two Peoples Bay near Albany


  • ⁠Park Fees are $15 per vehicle for a day (or buy an Annual or Holiday Park Pass for unlimited entry to all WA National Parks).⁠
  • The Two People’s Bay Visitor Centre has lots of information about local history, wildlife, and important recovery programs for threatened species. It’s open 10am-4pm during summer.⁠
  • There’s a picnic area and gas barbecues near the visitor centre on Two Peoples Bay.⁠
  • ⁠Toilets are located at Two Peoples Bay and at the Little Beach car park.⁠

3. Misery Beach

The stunning granite rock and white sand of Misery Beach near Albany

This secluded white sand beach in the Torndirrup National Park approximately 20 kilometres south of Albany, was named Tourism Australia’s Best Beach in 2022. Facing north into the picturesque Frenchman’s Bay it features pristine white sand and stunningly clear turquoise water. Framed by huge granite outcrops at the eastern end of the beach a massive granite wall rises steeply from the ocean.

Named “Misery Beach” historically because a whaling station was only a kilometre down the coast from this beach, and whale offal and blood would wash onto the shore and stain both the water and sands red.

Fortunately, this hasn’t been a problem since 1978 when the station closed, and the beach has since become a favourite for locals and visitors.

Voted the top beach in Australia in 2022, Misery Beach is one of the best beaches around Albany.


  • The carpark is a few minutes walk from the beach. Like many beaches in Torndirrup you’ll need to take a trail to the beach with numerous steps.
  • There are no toilets located here. The closest ones are at Frenchman’s Bay.
  • This is a great beach to spot migrating southern right or humpback whales frolicking in the calm waters during the autumn month.⁠

4. Gull Rock Beach

One of the best beaches around Albany is Gull Rock Beach

With an abundance of white sand beaches in Australia’s South West there are so many incredible options for a beach day. But ask a local where the best beach is, and they’ll tell you to pick your beach based on the wind. If you’re in Albany and an east or southeast wind is blowing, then Gull Rock Beach is the local’s go-to spot.⁠

Less than 25km from Albany’s town centre in the Gull Rock National Park this little hidden gem in Boiler Bay has the most beautiful white sand and crystal clear calm water as it is protected from the common south-easterly winds. It’s also a wonderful beach to snorkel with the Shipwreck Awhina sticking up from the seabed.

Looking out at the beautiful bay at Gull Rock Beach


  • Take the Lower King Road north from Albany which turns into Nanaraup Road. Turn right on Gull Rock Road and follow the signs into the National Park (about 8 kilometres on a gravel road but suitable for all vehicles).
  • There are no toilets at Gull Rock Beach, and it is a ‘leave no trace’ area. So make sure to take any rubbish with you when you leave.
  • Fishing is said to be great off the rocks or from the beach. Possible catches include Leatherjackets, Herring, Whiting, Skippy Squid, Silver Bream, Salmon and Shark.

5. Frenchman Bay

One of the best beaches around Albany is Frenchman Bay

One of Albany’s prettiest beaches, Frenchman Bay is a 20-minute drive from the town centre. Situated on the southern side of the King George Sound. It is perfect for families or those not able to walk very far as you can drive right down next to the beach.

The shallow turquoise waters of Frenchman Bay are almost always waveless, and it’s a beautiful spot for a day out, picnic, swim or snorkel. If you’re visiting between June and October, you might even see humpback and southern right whales frolicking in its protected waters.


  • Frenchman Bay has a BBQ, picnic and toilet facilities. Note – a great new toilet block is located at the top of the hill (so go before you head down to the beach).
  • The wreck of HMAS Perth provides an interesting artificial reef for divers to explore.
  • Fishing is great at Frenchman Bay, with species to be caught including Herring, Skippy, Whiting, Squid, Garfish, Pike and Silver Bream.
  • There are no fires or camping allowed within Frenchman Bay.
  • Dogs are permitted off leash west of the boat launching area but must be on leash in the day use are and beach east of the boat launching area.

6. Lights Beach

The beautiful coastline of Lights Beach

Located south-west of Denmark around one hour’s drive from Albany, Lights Beach is another gem in the William Bay National Park. Lesser known and much quieter than Green’s Pool, Lights Beach is actually three gorgeous beaches all accessible from the one carpark.

Eastern beach (our favourite) has a unique ocean waterfall with waves crashing into Princess Pool and coursing down the waterfall onto the beach. Central Beach has large waves and is not suitable for swimming but gives a fantastic view of William Bay and the Southern Ocean. The Western Beach has an offshore island and connects to William Bay National Park.

One of the best beaches near Albany is Lights Beach in William Bay National Park


  • Lights recently underwent upgrades, and now has a great sealed parking area with new lookouts and waterwise toilet facilities.
  • Central beach has incredibly strong waves close to shore and a no-nonsense rip. Don’t swim unless you are very familiar with the conditions.
  • Lights Beach is on the Bibbulmun Track and you can walk from here past Waterfall Beach and Madfish Bay then across the hillsides to the Tower Hill station. From Tower Hill you get views of Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks below.
  • Camping is not permitted in William Bay National Park. 

7. Emu Point

One of the best beaches in Albany is Emu Point

Just on the north-east of the township of Albany, Emu Point is the perfect place for families to swim or for picnic. With a mix of grassy landscaping shaded by mature trees and calm shallow waters, it is rated as one of the cleanest beaches in Western Australia.

Guarding the narrow inlet of Frenchman Bay linking Oyster Harbour to King George Sound, Emu Point was named after a survey ship that reached this point on the coast in 1815. It is popular for fishing, has a swimming jetty equipped with lanes, a boat ramp and an amazing beachside café.

A great spot to swim and one of the best beaches in Albany is Emu Point


  • BBQ facilities, picnic tables and grassy shady lawns are availably by the beach.
  • Emu Point has good toilets, a playground and a swim jetty.
  • We recommend visiting Emu Point Cafe. With great coffee and a perfect outlook, it’s one of Albany’s best brunch spots!
  • Dogs are only allowed on the beach near the marina between Swarbrick St and Hunter St.