Looking for the best soft and fruity hot cross buns in Perth, here are some of our favourite options perfect for the 2024 Easter season.

Where to find the best Hot Cross Buns in Perth

Here are our favourite 7 hot cross buns in Perth

The Easter season is almost upon us, which in Australia means indulging in hot cross buns. Lightly toasted, untoasted, slightly warm or dripping with butter you’ll find these delicious spiced sweet buns everywhere. Now, while even an average hot cross bun can be ok when toasted, we reckon to find the best hot cross buns in Perth it’s time to skip the store-bought buns and treat yourself to some from our local bakeries. From classic fruity and spiced buns to innovative creations like a caramilk hot cross hybrid, Perth’s top-notch bakers have you covered.

The Best Hot Cross Buns in Perth

We’ve searched high and low for the best bakeries crafting delicious hot cross buns before putting this list together. So, if you’re heading out in search of the best hot cross buns in Perth, here are our favourites for Easter 2024 (in no particular order!)

Miller + Baker – Northbridge

Miller + Baker in Lake Street, Northbridge has been a hit since opening in late 2019 – not surprising since it’s one of the few bakeries in Australia to mill its own flour. Over the past few months, their bakers have been perfecting the recipe for this year’s Hot Cross Buns, using a longer ferment and adding a combination of spices – cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and ginger, with orange syrup, dried fruit and homemade candy peel. Served into custom boxes of 6 and pretty as a picture with their perfectly piped cross – they’re definitely drool-worthy.

Teeter Bakery – East Perth

This small batch bakery in East Perth from master baker Natasha Brownfield delivers some of the best baked goods in Perth. So it’s no surprise then that her hot cross buns (without crosses) are light, soft and have the perfect amount of sultanas. They are finished with a pear glaze which gives a slightly crystalised sweet crust. Very delicious!! Teeter’s buns are sold individually or 6 packs are available.

Goods Bakery – West Leederville

Since opening in 2022 in West Leederville, Goods Bakery has well and truly cemeted itself as one of Perth’s best bakeries. With some of the most delicious pastries, croissants, crullers and ‘everything escargots’ it’s no wonder they are also producing some incredible hot cross buns. Their traditional fruit and spice buns are studded with raisins soaked in Pedro Ximenez and orange juice. So damn good!! Individuals or 6 packs are available in store – but get in early as they do sell out.

Knead Bread & Coffee – Scarborough

This family-run micro bakery is a local fave in Scarborough, and their baker Robby is a sourdough master. Knead’s bread and pastries are all natural and slowly fermented over a two to three-day process using the best quality Australian grown, organic flour from Wholegrain Milling. Bringing his expertise to Hot Cross Buns, this year he’s changed things up and is producing soft and fluffy brioche-style sourdough hot cross buns! Based on his Canadian Nan’s ‘Lassie bread’ – a spiced fruit loaf made with molasses this slow-fermented bun goes big on rum-soaked fruit and spice. They might look a little chunky, but oh they are so delicious, and bonus – they’re vegan friendly!! Baked fresh daily, and sold individually, it’s best to get there early to avoid missing out.

Crumbs Patisserie – Applecross

Since opening in October 2021 in Ardross Road, Applecross, Crumbs has quickly made its mark in Perth with head pastry chef Julia serving up delicious pastries, cakes and desserts. Using the highest quality ingredients, seasonal produce and thriving on originality, it’s not surprisingly that Crumb’s Hot Cross Buns come in three delicious flavours. Traditional, a dark bun with loads of spice and fruit. Caramilk – a light bun with a creamy caramilk glaze. And a savoury option Branston Pickle with Cheddar Cheese (scrumptious toasted with butter!!).

Big Loaf Bakery – O’Connor, Cottesloe, Shenton Park, East Fremantle

Previously voted as one of the best hot cross buns in Perth, Big Loaf Bakery are again this year pumping out more of their deliciously soft, plump and heavy buns. Filled with all Australian fruit soaked in Lady Grey tea with a secret spice blend and coated in vanilla glaze, you won’t be able to stop at one! They have a good, fruity flavour, great texture and are the most cost-effective of all the bakeries at $16.50 for a 6 pack. Pick up a pack from Big Loaf Bakery in O’Connor, North Street Store, Cottesloe, Wards Central Dining in Shenton Park or Little Loaf Lunch Bar in South Fremantle.

Any other delicious buns in Perth you’d suggest?

Is there somewhere else you reckon has some of the best hot cross buns in Perth? Send us a message so we can visit and add it to our Best Hot Cross Buns in Perth list.

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