Want to know where you can pick strawberries this spring in Perth? Read our guide for insider tips on all the best local spots!

The Best Strawberry Picking in Perth

Strawberry picking

One of our favourite things to do in spring in Perth is to visit a farm and go strawberry picking. Given the current price of strawberries at the supermarkets in Perth, picking your own is great value for money and a fun weekend activity to do with the kids. Most allow you to eat as you pick, but just make sure not to overindulge too much on those ripe, sweet strawberries!!

Where to go Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking in Perth

There are quite a few options for strawberry picking in Perth. Some north, some south, and lots of variation in pricing and opening hours. So dear readers to make it simpler for you, we’ve collated the information, and here are some of the options to get you started. As strawberries are seasonal produce, we recommend checking directly with the farms for opening hours and the availability of fruit.

Kien Strawberry Farm

Kien's Strawberry Farm in Perth

360 Badgerup Road, Gnangara

This family-run business has been operating for over 20 years, so you know they’ll be good. Every year Kien Strawberry Farm opens up for locals far and near to enjoy the experience of harvesting their own fresh strawberries. One of the first to open in the season, PYO boxes cost $15 (cash only). Usually open on Saturdays and Sundays during picking season from 8am to 3pm until picked out. They also often have local garlic and $20 pre-picked boxes available for purchase. Due to heavy traffic in the area please take care when parking and crossing the road.

My Strawberry Farm

Strawberry picking at a local field in Perth

Lot 71 Stoney Road, Gnangara

One of the best value farms for strawberries in our opinion, My Strawberry Farm in 2021 charged $10 for a PYO box orpre-picked boxes available for $15 if you’d prefer a quick option. They are usually open from 8am to 4pm every Saturday and Sunday until picked out. There is no per-person entry cost but you will need cash for payment.

As well as plenty of fruit when we visited, they also have other local produce available. From their shed, you can buy garlic, ginger, free-range eggs, avocado, blueberries, and oranges. Please don’t take your own buckets, bags, or baskets. They ask that you only use the supplied PYO box which you can fill to around 3.5kg.

We arrived at My Strawberry Farm around 9am on a Sunday, and surprisingly there were already heaps of other cars parked and lots of families picking. So plan to visit early if you want a quieter picking experience and for the ripest strawberries.

Lena Strawberry Farm

Strawberry patch in Perth

1021 Thomas Road, Anketell

It’s best to come early as Lena Strawberry Farm often gets picked out by early afternoon. They do have free entry and the PYO box costs $20, with a limit of around 3kg. You can eat whilst picking, but they request that you throw the stalk on the ground and not on the protecting plastic covering. They also have a shed selling other local produce.

Sue & Tim’s Fresh Farms

Box of freshly picked strawberries in Perth

157 Badgerup Road, Wanneroo

Open Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 4pm, Sue & Tim’s Fresh Farm has free entry and charges $15 for a pick-your-own box of around 3kg. Remember to bring cash as just like many of the other strawberry farms they don’t have EFTPOS! You’ll also find locally grown garlic and avocados for sale and pre-picked boxes available for purchase at $20 or $25 for premium size.

Ti Farm Pick Your Own Strawberries

People picking strawberries in Perth

263 Old West Road, Bullsbrook

Open every Friday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm, Ti Farm charges a $2 per person entry. PYO trays are $10 which hold about 4.5kg. You are welcome to eat as many yummy strawberries as you like on the way around! There is a maximum of 5 people to 1 tray. Remember to bring cash, as they have no EFTPOS. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and closed-in shoes. Don’t forget to slip, slop slap!