Want to know where to see the best jacaranda in flower this year in Perth? Read our guide to find the best streets and suburbs that are awash with purple blooms!

Find the best streets for jacaranda in Perth

Beautiful tree lined streets of Applecross are the top spot to view Jacaranda in Perth

We love it when the gorgeous purple jacaranda blooms start covering our city – it means Perth summer days are almost here. Contrary to popular belief, these pretty trees are not native to Australia but from Brazil. Brought to Australia in the 19th century and have since flourished thanks to our warm climate and sunny weather. If you’re looking for the best places to find Jacaranda in Perth and lilac lining our streets then read on, because this article is just for you!

When is the best time to see jacaranda in Perth?

Generally, jacaranda flowers bloom towards the end of spring. Now whilst the season does vary a little each year, usually November to early December is the best time of year to see them. But this year the season has come early to Perth! Thanks to a dry and warmer winter than usual, the jacaranda in Perth is blooming earlier than expected.

Where to see jacaranda in Perth?

For six weeks or so, some of Perth’s leafy suburbs are awash with beautiful purple flowers gently falling on the verge and footpaths like purple rain… it’s just stunning. It also makes for some very pretty photos for your Instagram feed (make sure to add some purple heart emojis 💜).

Here are some must-visit places to see Jacaranda in Perth in 2023:


The streets of Applecross are lined with jacaranda trees, expansive verges and drool-worthy houses, making this one of Perth’s best areas to photograph the gorgeous purple flowers. In fact, jacaranda are so iconic to Applecross that they even have a festival here every year. The Rotary Jacaranda Festival will be held in Ardross Street on 19 November this year.

Take a drive around the suburb and you’ll find plenty of beautiful streets. Our favourites are:

  • Nisbet Road: featuring a gentle hill, this gorgeous Applecross street just up from the river is lined with lush gardens and has a jacaranda canopy. It’s one of the most photographed streets, so if you want to capture it without other people, you’ll need to visit during the week or early morning on a weekend.
  • Armstrong Road: Grab your selfie stick and head around the corner a little from Nisbet Road. This pretty street also has an impressive canopy of jacaranda trees and it usually has fewer cars parked in the street.
  • Ardross Street: We love this wide street with its huge verge lined with Jacaranda. And BONUS – the Applecross Village is also located here – it is the perfect spot to brunch under a blooming jacaranda.
  • Tain Street: A little quieter than many of the other more popular streets around Applecross, this one has plenty of jacarandas in full purple flush currently. 

South Perth

South Perth is growing as a jacaranda hot spot. Check out Strickland Road which is lined with mature jacaranda that are currently in full bloom. Brandon Terrace also has some younger jacaranda trees and a small hill that provides views of the city skyline as well as the street’s purple haze. And for a perfect view of the Perth city over Sir James Mitchell Park with jacaranda in the foreground go to the intersection of Forrest and Hopetoun Streets. And grab a bite to eat at Split on Angelo to dine alfresco under the huge jacaranda in flower on Angelo Street.

North Perth

Hyde Park is always beautiful for a wander any time of year. But, even better when the jacarandas are blooming. Check out the northern side of the park along Vincent Street to see carpets of purple.

Beautiful flowering jacaranda in Hyde Park in North Perth

Or continue along Vincent Street in North Perth to Leake Street for another sea of purple. We reckon the corner of Alma Road near the Leake St Playground is the best spot to check out. Whilst the jacaranda line both sides of Leake Street – the trees are older and have more flowers on the left-hand side of the road as you are looking towards the city. You’ll get some lovely views of purple flowers with the city skyline in the background here.

The pretty tree-lined Leake Street is a great spot to see jacaranda in Perth.

Be careful and thoughtful when photographing jacaranda

In recent years, there’s been an increase in the number of people trying to frame the perfect shot by standing in the middle of the road for their social media snap. Please watch for oncoming traffic and don’t put your life at risk. Also, don’t forget that people live in these streets. So, do not walk on to private property for a photo, and be mindful of where you park.

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