Looking for a Perth restaurant for brunch or a sunset dinner? Bib and Tucker offers breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean. Read our review.

Dine with a view at Bib and Tucker

Breakfast shakshouka at Bib and Tucker

Looking for a special restaurant for a Sunday morning brunch or sunset dinner? One of our faves is Bib and Tucker which offers a very unique dining experience with amazing food and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean across Leighton Beach.

This North Fremantle restaurant co-owned by former Olympic swimmer and Masterchef celebrity Eamon Sullivan, offers delicious seasonal menus of unpretentious modern Australian fare showcasing local fresh produce.

Coffee at Bib and Tucker

The restaurant has seating inside with small tables and benches along the windows and larger tables centred in the space. They also have tables outside along the veranda and the balcony. This is where you want to be for the best view. But make sure to book online if you want to sit outside. We haven’t ever been able to nab an outdoor table by just arriving as a walk-in.

View from inside the Bib and Tucker restaurant

Bib and Tucker is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every Wednesday to Sunday. You might find it’s a little pricier than other Perth cafes. But what a treat it is dining with this view!

One of the things we most love about Bib and Tucker is that they are guided by a ‘love your locals’ ethos. Their menu is a celebration of the best seasonal produce that Perth-based suppliers have to offer. Even the wine list stays mostly local, with just a few international inclusions.

On this occasion, after perusing the menu, our brunch choices were Shakshouka eggs (San manzano tomato sauce, chorizo, 2 eggs, baharat hummus, herbed flatbread), and Beef Hash (Crispy potatoes, pulled beef, fried eggs, chimichurri).

Eggs at Bib and Tucker

And with views like this – you just want to stay all day!