Western Australia is home to some of the best wildflowers on earth. In July to October see our landscape abloom with colour. Read our guide to find the best spots...

Where To Find WA’s Wildflowers

White everlasting wildflowers in Western Australia

Western Australia is home to one of the largest collections of wildflowers on earth, with more than 12,000 species – 60 percent of these can’t be found anywhere else. Beginning in June in the north and sweeping south through to November the opportunities to see these extraordinary wildflowers are endless. Read on for the top 5 locations to find the best Western Australian wildflowers.

Our top 5 locations for wildflowers

⁠⁠1. Sutherland Road, Mullewa

Here, you’ll see carpets of Western Australia wildflowers along the edges of the road. Stop and go bush trekking to see gorgeous pink, yellow and cream everlastings.

2. Perkins #2 Well, Mullewa

If you don’t want to walk, this location has the most amazing display that you can literally drive right through. You’ll see pink star everlasting, pom-pom everlastings in white and yellow, splendid everlastings, purple daisies, and pink sunrays. The colours are incredible, and it’s a lovely spot to stop for a picnic lunch.⁠⁠

⁠⁠3. Pindar-Berringarra Road

On the Pindar-Berringarra Road about 30km east of Mullewa there are stunning wreath flowers (Lechenaultia Macrantha) on both sides of the road. Follow the road signs to the Wreath Flowers and then bear left at the v-intersection then drive a few hundred metres. You will see a few flowers on the left-hand side of the road, but for the masses of wreaths like in my photo below, park and walk through the bush to the road on the right.⁠⁠

Wreath Wildflowers in Western Australia

4. Coalseam Conservation Park

Showcasing Australia’s spectacular bushland, this park has free entry. You will see carpets of pink and yellow everlastings – named for their papery petals. These Western Australian wildflowers close at dusk and open again at dawn to avoid the harsh summer conditions after growing in winter. It is an explosion of colour to delight your senses.

Coalseam Conservation Park wildflowers

5. Mingenew Hill

Mingenew is the heart and soul of WA’s Wildflower Country and a great spot to stop for lunch! (The Mingenew Bakery has great coffee and snacks). On the road to Coalseam Conservation Park, turn off to Mingenew Hill for incredible endless views across the beautiful yellows and greens of the countryside. ‘The Hill’ is the perfect spot for a picnic lunch or a champagne sunset finish to a lovely mid-west day as it is covered in golden yellow pom-poms. Walk to the top of the hill for a great view over the wheatfields and plains.

Exploring Western Australia’s Wildflower Country is a true country experience! Wildflowers are seasonal and the number and variety of blooms vary from year to year depending on rainfall and other climatic factors.

Visit the Mingenew or Mullewa Visitor Information Centre to chat with the locals about the current conditions.

Wreath Wildflowers closeup